Meeting Schedule
Our club has speakers from the local area and beyond to share information, organizations, happenings, and events.  Newcomers and visitors are welcome.

Date Type Title
06/22/2018 Event

The Young Children Priority One Golf Tournament is our major fundraising event each year.  Proceeds are used for projects like Key & Builder's Clubs, dictionaries for 3rd graders, Terrific...

06/27/2018 Meeting
06/29/2018 Committee

To begin working through details of grant applications and implementing parts of projecy

06/30/2018 Event

Patriotic event for children 7 and under.  Dress is patriotic colors.

07/04/2018 Meeting
07/11/2018 Meeting

Program Chair - Bob Kushner

07/18/2018 Meeting

Program Chair - Bob Kushner

07/25/2018 Meeting
08/01/2018 Meeting
08/08/2018 Meeting

Program Chair - David Nicolleti

Program - Bob Ross

08/15/2018 Meeting

Program Chair - David Nicolleti

08/22/2018 Meeting
08/29/2018 Meeting
09/05/2018 Meeting
09/12/2018 Meeting

Program Chair - Dean Piatt